The Team

Our Really great team cover all the bases. With a core staff infrastructure and a number of freelance event chefs and part-time waiting staff, we are a close group who love to work together to produce exceptional really delicious catering. All of our team are as passionate and dedicated to exceptional produce, great service, and having fun while we do it! For us, food is at the heart of any great occasion and from consultation to event, our team will bring this passion and energy to your event, however big or small.

Sandy Kennedy – Director. 

The Really Big boss – Eye for detail, logistics guru. 

Tracey Chisholm – Director

The other Really big boss – Menu Maestro, creative connoisseur. 

Sue Whitten – Head Events Manager

The Really Organised one. 20 years’ experience, slick & stylish. The smiles come for free.

George Allan – Events and Bar Manager

The Really detailed one. Drinks expert, master “master of ceremonies.” 

Karen Mail – Office Manager

The one who Really ties it all together! – Experience, logistics, the beating heart of the operation. 

Hayley – Account Executive

The Really Friendly one. Building great relationships, managing corporate client needs. 

The Kitchen Team

Trudi, Vicky, Shona, Lorraine, Jordon, Suzanne, Agnes, Sarah
Location Catering Manager, Leonard

Dispatch Manager, John

The ones who Really make the magic happen. Experience, style, finesse, beautiful ingredients, dedication & relentless hard work.

Head Event Chef, Andrew Hunter

The Really talented one. Creative flare, beautiful presentation, fantastic flavours.

Head Event Chef, David Gray

The Really experienced one. From 5 to 500, calm & collected, perfection guaranteed.



The Front of House Team

Event Supervisor, Gill Mitchell

The Really unflappable one. Loved by clients and staff alike.

Waiting Staff, Niamh, Adam, Jurenne, Hannah, Annalise, Tara, Alex, Anna, Megan, Gustavo, Katie, Isabella, Shaun, Marianne

The Really attentive ones. Hard-working, vigilant, enthusiastic.

All of our team are paid the Glasgow living wage as a minimum, regardless of age as we Really value our employees and the work they do.