As a company, we fully recognise our duty to take into consideration the social, economic and environmental impact that we have on both the local and larger scale. As such, we have a number of sustainable procurement and environmental policies in place:

• We do not discriminate against smaller suppliers

• 95% of our suppliers are local Scottish suppliers (Big Bear Bakery; Premier Produce; John Vallance; Dunns; Lomond; McGhees; Braehead Foods; George E Morris; GH Davidson)

• Our aim is to create bespoke nutritionally balanced menus

• Where possible we give preference to goods from sustainable sources as opposed to the cheapest source 

• We ensure that all meat, fish & dairy comes from sustainable, ethical sources and that all eggs we buy are free range

• We ensure that as much of our food as possible is homemade and unprocessed

• We try to use green products over non-environmentally friendly packaging and have moved towards compostable vegware where possible

• We have moved to solely use Kraft platter boxes made from premium, strong and sturdy sustainably sourced F-Flute board which is sustainable and compostable. All disposables we use are either recyclable or compostable.

• We separate all of our food waste and recyclables at our headquarters in Kinning Park to adhere to the Zero Waste guidelines – 3 separate bins for recyclables, general waste and food waste.

• We work with companies such as Olleco who by their description are “dedicated to recovering the value of things that others might consider to be waste.” Olleco create renewable energy from used cooking oil and so we arrange regular uplifts of this by them.

• We always strive to reduce our energy consumption and the amount of waste and pollution created in our day to day activities. 

• We train and encourage our staff with regards to our environmental considerations.